Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ant Leaf


I was right
Ants wood
Did you notice ants?
Ants bush
Shining abdomen
Lamps under pale moons
Not really anonymous ants
Faced with debris
a little known fact
they kick back
Like ants through the looking glass
You guys sure pour into my place
Leaving the white powdered remains
Of the day, my lunch, pants
Come from that lightening fast Universe
Converted sands no laws of science
Fast, the translucent carcass of a fallen comrade
A meal, garbage under arrest
Hopping on new sand and shakes wings
and disappears quickly too
Nearly killed and underhat things

Toward the dusk
The silent ant hill rings

19 03 96
From observations of Cables Stations beach
Robert Ellery Phillips

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