Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Minding My Own Business One Day... by robertemerald

Switch Witch

Witch is foul foul foul
A real bad mystery
On my beach but....
Which way?

Which world to Witchworld?

So, witches do come true
Which isn't easy
British, Australian, Witch?
Elvis never left is my theory
Not a woman at all

Maybe it's her computer game
But witch one
The curses of dragons and witches
Or steal my broom

"Absolutely no witch would be that cruel"

Looking in, again
Witch is almost every night
Came back and stayed at the Gingerbread's
Even after the Gingerbread's was eaten

Whatever you call that one
It isn't a nice one

Ley Lines are not a twig demons have to find little lakes
Little Black Magics

Hours, days, minutes, seconds, witch
Witch year was that

Year of a Rooster
Strangled by a Year of the Cat

It wasn't just a year though
It wasn't even a Sorcerer
Or a Wizard or Anything

Black magics

Which Middle Ages?
Which Medieval?

Rags to mendicant,
I pray that witch isn't                real

19 04 96  2 pm
Robert Ellery Phillips

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading your blog. Welcome to blogger land. Blogging is fun and a great way to share and communicate with people of simular interests.